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Open carriers transport your vehicle on an open trailer and will be exposed to the elements. There are several types of transport vehicles that can provide open auto transport,  from single car trailers to trucks capable of moving 10 or more cars at a time. This is the most common and cheapest way to ship your vehicle.  

Enclosed carriers transport your vehicle with the most protection available, away from outside forces and weather, saving your vehicle from all the things it may encounter on the road, such as weather, debris, and dirt. Other trailer types will definitely be cheaper, but sometimes the cheapest option isn’t  always the best one.  Enclosed carriers are ideal for vintage cars, expensive sports cars, classic cars, etc. 

With driveaway transport, the vehicle is driven to its destination. No other equipment is used for the transport job, which keeps costs to a bare minimum. This service is a great option for customers that are looking for affordable auto transport and do not mind the extra mileage on their vehicle. This is the most basic level of auto transport service.

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